Lancaster Soap Company
Distinctive soaps for every body, every day.
Handcrafted in Northern Minnesota near the shores of Lake Superior.
Our Soaps


Bay Rum   A clean combination of bay and citrus fragrances.  FO

Beeswax & Honey  Smells just like a pure beeswax candle.  FO

Blackberry  Luscious blackberry fragrance, rich and fruity, now colored in a deep berry plum.  FO

Blueberry Hill Not too sweet, this soap smells just like fresh blueberries.  FO

Boundary Waters  Something about this soap makes us want to sniff it again and again!  Could it be the fragrance is reminiscent of really good root beer?  EO

Cherry Almond  Luscious blend of sweet and true cherry fragrance softened with a delightful almond scent.  Year round top seller!  FO

Cinnamon Apple  Warm, spicy cinnamon swirled on top of soap rich with luscious, juicy apple fragrance.  FO

Cranberry Orange  A spunky blend of spicy cranberry with sweet orange essential oil.  A strong fruit fragrance tempered with ginger, cinnamon, clove and cardamom keep it from being overly sweet.  LSC

Cucumber Melon   This soap is “just right” with its perfect balance of cucumber and melon fragrances.  Spring and Summer favorite!  FO

Eucalyptus + Mint Icy cool blend of, you guessed it, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.  We splash in a bit of juniperberry and lemon to zest it up.  EO

Ginger Orange  Delectable ginger essential oil blends perfectly with sweet orange essential oil.  Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove round out the fragrance of this warm soothing soap.  LSC

Good Morning Mint  Our special blend of peppermint and spearmint essential oils is just right to liven up your morning!  EO

Green Clover & Aloe  If you love refreshing, clean, green scents – this soap is for you!  FO 

Gunflint  This special bar has a blend of ginger, peppermint, orange, lemon and patchouli essential oils.  EO

Herbal  A wonderful unisex soap with its blend of grapefruit, lime, heather, jasmine, oakmoss and sandalwood.  Simple, natural and clean!  FO

Highway 61  One of our best selling men’s soaps – this bar has a somewhat salty, sea spice fragrance.  We can’t keep this one in stock!  FO


Honeysuckle   Well, you may have noticed that we don’t carry a lot of floral fragrances – we are very, very selective in choosing florals.  We don’t care for those knock your socks off florals your great aunt might have worn – the kind that smell all powdery and make one sneeze. We make an exception for this honeysuckle….it is sweet, delicately floral and reminds of a walk through our gardens.  FO

Irish Tweed OOH Yum!  Our best selling men’s soap.  Spicy and “green” – women love it too!  FO

Just Peachy – Sun ripened peaches and oranges, a perfect summery soap!  LSC

Lavender  Lavender is commonly used to relax and relieve stress and headaches and promote healing.  Our dreamy Lavender soap is a perennial best seller.  EO

Lavender Oat  Back by popular demand, our lavender oat soap starts with pure lavender essential oil and features finely ground oats.  EO

Lemongrass  Pure lemongrass essential oil, nothing else, gives this soap a super zesty fragrance.  Nothing too sweet here, lemongrass is a bright lemon scent.  EO

Minnesota Spice  An irresistible spicy soap featuring a blend of fir, cinnamon, cardamom, green apple.  LSC 

Moonshadow  A nifty blend of anise, lavender and peppermint essential oils.  Colored with black charcoal which helps to remove excess oil from the skin.  EO

North Shore Bar  Fresh and super clean, just like the north shore of Lake Superior.  FO 

Northern Exposure  Tropics in the north!  This soap is scented with a generous helping of coconut fragrance and a twist of lime essential oil.  LSC

Oatmeal  Sweet and pure, mellow and soothing, complete with finely ground organic oats.  The comfort soap.  FO

Oh My Darlin’ (Clementine)  Imagine peeling a clementine and popping that first juicy piece in your mouth….you may not be able to eat this soap, but you will enjoy sniffing it so much it just may cause you to burst into song.  LSC

Patchouli  Pure patchouli essential oil provides a warm, mellow scent to this soap.  EO 

Plum Spice  A nice mellow blend, the sweetness of plum warmed up and mellowed with spices.  FO

Pumpkin Spice  Everything you want in a pumpkin spice soap….warmly fragranced with just the right spices.  Think cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg.  NUM!  FO

Quiet Woods   Balsam fir and more balsam fir, blended with just a touch of petit grain and orange essential oils.  Imagine walking through your favorite woods, without ever leaving home. EO


Raspberry Oat  The sweet smell of summer raspberries with finely ground organic oats for a gentle exfoliant.  FO

Rosemary Mint  Refreshing with lots of zip, our rosemary and mint soap will wake you up in the morning!  Created with a perfect blend of rosemary and peppermint essential oils.  EO

Sandalwood  This is one of our most popular soaps and we constantly are running low on stock.  We have resolved to KEEP this one in stock this year!  LSC

Sauna Soap  This is our new favorite soap, perfect for the sauna or wherever!  The fragrance is a delicious mix of birch (think wintergreen) with splashes of  basil, cinnamon, marjoram and bay essential oils.  Sound complex?  Yes, but it is divine!!!!  EO

Spa Bar  A perfect blend of lavender and spearmint essential oils.  Swirled throughout with Dead Sea Mud, which is rich in minerals and provides a dense lather.  EO

Strawberry Delicious strawberry fragrance melded into a beautifully swirled bar!  FO

Two Harbors Name a soap after our hometown? Naturally!  Imagine lying back on a quiet corner of the beach down at Agate Bay.  Hear the waves, smelll the fresh water and air.  Now take home that pleasantness in the Two Harbors soap. Fresh, clean and wonderful.

Up North  Straight from the north woods, the Up North bar contains a special blend of cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood oils to delight the senses.  LSC

Vanilla  Warm, sweet vanilla fragrance makes this a comfort soap.  FO 

And bubbling on the horizon….

Plain Jane Soap – no fragrance, no color.  Perfect for those that prefer their soap non-fussy or are sensitive to fragrances.

Cedar & Lavender – just like it sounds.  This will be another addition to our popular northwoods line.

Lilac – back by demand.  We can’t say popular demand because the fans of our lilac soap mean business when they ask for their lilac soap!

Heart & Soul – we have no idea what this soap will smell like yet.  We DO know that we love playing the Heart & Soul duet on the piano and there simply needs to be a soap with this name.

Lily of the Valley – Just seems like a good idea.

Guinness Soap – Drink Guinness or put it in the soap?  Decisions, decisions.  We are thinking it will make an amazing soap…

FO – denotes fragrance oil.

EO – denotes essential oil.

LSC – blend of fragrance and essential oils.



Please note: Our products are intended for external use only. Discontinue use if you experience discomfort in any way. As with any skin care product, particularly essential oils, test a small area of the skin before application to other parts of the body. Extra caution must be used with certain essential oils in the case of high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, or pregnancy.